Come learn to bellydance! This is an open level class, no previous dance experience (at all) is needed! We'll start slow, introducing simple but fun moves common to this dance form. Any students with previous experience will be given modifications for added challenges. No performances are required, we're simply learning for the sake of personal enrichment, celebrating the bodies we're in.

All sizes, shapes, genders, ages, etc, welcome! This is an inclusive dance form and all humans are encouraged to attend. (Under 18 just requires parent/guardian consent and signature).

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Class FAQs

I've never bellydanced before (or done any type of dance)...

No problem! There's no experience required for my class. At least 80% of my students are in the same boat.

Do I have to perform in front of people if I take the class?

Nope. We're just doing it for the exercise, the connection between dancers and for the fun of it. There may be opportunities to perform sometime outside of class, but if so, it'll be completely optional.


What should I wear to class?

Yoga pants (or other stretchy pants) and a tank top/tight-fitting shirt. No costume required. We'll have hip shawls for you to borrow during the class.


But I can't bellydance, I'm too old/clumsy/skinny/fat/etc.

Bellydance is all-inclusive, there are no height/weight/age/etc requirements in bellydance. The wonderful thing about this dance form is that it's welcoming to all styles/shapes/ages/genders of humans. Try it out, you'd be surprised how much it might help you appreciate the beauty that you already posess. 


Do I have to show my stomach?

Nope, you can just wear a tight-fitting shirt.